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These days, with the vastness of the internets at our disposal, it is so much easier to get hold of tickets to all the not-to-be-missed events. The days of queueing outside venues and desperately haggling with touts charging extortionate prices are a thing of the past. Now you can have your tickets delivered to your home, you can bid on eBay instead of haggling and, although the prices may still be inflated, at least now you can shop around for the cheapest tickets. Check out our top ticket searches.

Top ticket searches:
  1. Concert tickets
  2. Sports events tickets
  3. Hard to find tickets
  4. Airline tickets
  5. Cheapest flight tickets
  6. Cheap London theatre tickets
  7. Movies and film
  8. Ticket broker
  9. Tickets direct
  10. Front row tickets
So where should you look to find your ticket holy grail? Firstly: preparation is everything. Sign up to mailing lists for your favourite bands/ teams/ theatres etc. or join their membership clubs. This way you will be notified first when tickets are ready to go on sale and you may even be offered better seats or cheaper deals. You should be prepared to buy your tickets a long way in advance to ensure you get a good price and a good seat!

Next port of call is the official box office. These are usually websites such as or If you check the website of the band or event that you want to see, it will list the official box office websites. Hurry and buy your tickets before they sell out!

If you miss the official ticket sales, there is still a chance to get hold of those hot tickets. Check AOL Classifieds for tickets from around the country. Also eBay and other online auction sites are a great place to snap up a bargain, but be careful that you are buying real tickets and not falling for a scam. is a place where people can sell tickets to events they can't get to and so if you're looking for a ticket for a sold-out event, you might have luck here. has a section called tickets for a tenner where you can pick up theatre and other tickets cheap as chips!

If you know of any other places to find the best tickets - don't keep it to yourself, share here by leaving comment.
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