Ladies' day at Ascot

Maya Driver

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The biggest, most famous and most fashionable event of the racing calendar is Royal Ascot. Out of all the other racing events, Ascot has the strictest dress code. In the Royal Enclosure men have to wear full morning dress including a top hat and women must cover their midriffs and shoulders and must also wear hats. Elsewhere at the event such formal attire is not essential but most people attend wearing their smartest clothes.

On Ladies' Day, women give a free rein to their millenery creativity and wear incredible, spectacular hats. Feathers, flowers, lace and bright colours can be seen everywhere - some hats are beautiful and some bizarre, but you can be sure they are all expensive. Check out some of the absurd and amazing creations here on Ruby Room.

Also on Ladies' Day, the Ascot Gold Cup race takes place which is the main event of the five-day festival. Prize money for the race is about a quarter of a million pounds and across the whole of Ascot, the prize money on offer is over £3million - the largest amount of all European race events.

Members of the royal family regularly attend the races, so if you visit, you may well catch a glimpse of the Queen. If you want to get into the Royal Enclosure, you'll have to be either an Ascot member or a friend of one. Otherwise you can purchase a hospitality package, but that would set you back a few hundred pounds. But even if you can't get in to rub shoulders with Royals, you can still wear formal gear and top it off with an outrageous hat.

Are you fascinated by Royal Ascot fashion or do you find the hats utterly ridiculous? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.