Bikes versus cars

Maya Driver

There a quite a few schemes in place to promote cycling. One such venture is National Bike Week, which takes place every year in June. The idea behind it is to get Britain active and green by eschewing cars and public transport and getting on your bike. Also, by cycling you can get to know your local community better and see how convenient it can be to use a bike for short trips.

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It's a very noble idea, but how many people are willing to sacrifice their cars for a bicycle? There are pros and cons for both. Cars have speed, longer distances and convenience on their side, bikes have health benefits, environment benefits and low costs! As fuel prices continue to increase, people could certainly save money by cycling to work.

However, if you live in a busy city, cycling isn't the safest means of transport - other road users don't always see cyclists and accidents can happen. Local councils have made some efforts to encourage cycling by creating bicycle paths and areas to lock up you bike securely, but are they doing enough? Do you think more people should try to get on their bike or would you prefer to find ways to make driving cheaper and greener? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.