Zap Alias: Electric sportsman on three legs

Pete Mait

The US company Zap wants to start manufacturing a new electrical car in mid 2009 which is supposed to reach a top speed of 155mph, with a range 100 miles between charges. The Alias will be a three-wheeled vehicle (two front, one rear) with a respectable acceleration rate of just six seconds from 0 to 60. The two wheel hub motors produce a total power output of 325bhp. The Americans are looking to a basic price of around 30,000 US dollars and reservations can already can be made on the company's website. As was already the case with the Tesla Roadster, it is said that Lotus is involved in the development of the Alias. The Tesla Roadster is in fact produced at the Lotus plant in England but at a price of 98,000 US dollars it is considerably more expensive than the Zap Alias.