Happy Father's Day!

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We're reminding you nice and early so that you have plenty of time and no excuses not to get a gift or do something nice for your dad for Father's Day this Sunday.

The first ever Father's Day was created by a woman who, after listening to a Mother's Day sermon in church, decided that dads ought to be given a fair share of appreciation too. She arranged a tribute for own father in June 1910 and the idea gradually caught on, with a little help from capitalism. Nowadays you can buy all kinds of gifts, cards and experience days for Father's Day, and while it's nice to shower your dad with presents, Father's Day can also simply be a day when you don't take dad for granted.

So start planning now for this Sunday - maybe a visit to your dad, taking him on a trip - hiking, fishing, playing sports with him, making him a cup of tea, giving him a card with a poem or just spending time with him. Show your dad that you care by remembering Father's Day this year!

Want to leave a message for your dad? Leave a comment here and let everyone know you care : )
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