Too close to call?

Diesel v diesel, petrol v petrol, diesel v petrol and a bit of ethanol thrown in as well (good luck Lord Drayson!). There are many permutations of what could happen over the next 24 hours or so at Le Mans, but is anyone seriously countenancing anything beyond a diesel clean sweep?

Of course there are plenty of battles to watch out for beyond LMP1 but that's the money story and the two big players have got a lot riding on this one. Audi like to win of course and would dearly love to win again in this their centenary year - victory in the diesel-powered R15 would be a fine way of honouring their history but also a nod to the future and the consistently strong development programme from Ingolstadt.

Peugeot, on the other hand, desperately need to win this year otherwise what has their return to sportscar racing been for? They may have got one over Audi on a number of occasions but they have won no title since 2007 and they have still to win The Big One. As they discovered last year, out and out speed is not the only thing needed at Le Mans and who knows, if any of the leading teams slip up ther could be some petrol-powered beasts just waiting to pounce - albeit from some distance behind.

In 2008, neither Peugeot or Audi's cars ran trouble-free for the 24 Hours; their reliability and strength is undoubtedly proven over 12 Hours this season but so has Aston Martin's over six hours in Catalunya. Could the unthinkable really happen?

I think I'm with Aston Martin Racing's team boss George Howard-Chappell on this one: "If we knew what was going to happen, there would be no point in going. That's why we go motor-racing."

Or is that just spin?
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