Lamborghini goes green

Pete Mait

The attribute "green" was always one that would have seemed to suit Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini as well as fire suits water. The buzzwords that are more likely to spring to mind are ones like "expensive", "elegant", "fast" or "beautiful" in the case of Lamborghini. But the Italian manufacturer can hardly be seen as a major "CO2 sinner", given that they only construct a few thousand vehicles per annum in one central plant. Apart from that, owners tend to drive these vehicles less than average car owners do. But even if performance is still going to remain more important than fuel consumption with these racers, at least a gesture is being made towards environmental protection and the CO2 emissions of the factory are being cut substantially. To contribute to this, a 17,000sqm large solar plant is to be installed on the roof of the factory before the end of this year. For next year, it is planned to reduce energy consumption by 30%.