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Just over a week to go until the Wimbledon tournament starts. I hope you've got your camping gear ready for queueing outside the grounds for your tickets! There are other ways of buying tickets in advance, of course, but the overnight queueing is all part of the Wimbledon experience.

Since we at Search Towers are such ardent Wimbledon admirers, we have built a new special area packed full of interesting Wimbledon facts, articles and images for you to explore. Check it out here at Wimbledon Hot Searches and let us know what you think.

Hopefully the British summer will be merciful this year but if rain does threaten play, a new Centre Court retractable roof has been built, so no more Cliff Richard. Have you been to a match at Wimbledon or are you going for the first time this year? Do you think Andy Murray will emerge victorious? Share your tennis thoughts and experiences here by leaving a comment.
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