Le Mans: Playstation preparation

So anyone can be a Le Mans driver? To some extent, it's true. Providing you have a suitable games console in your living room, you can try your luck as a racing driver. Even professionals prepare themselves in this way. For example, Bruno Senna who is competing in the 24-hour classic event for the first time this year. He has never driven such long race stints before and certainly not at night.

"I've been preparing for the race on my Playstation," he revealed to autoblog. "The simulation on the Playstation is very accurate, but what you're obviously not getting are all the bumps and changes of surface or the sensation on those corners where the road is actually banked."

Despite the unfamiliar nature of the race, Bruno kept his foot down all the time, even in the dark. "That's when you have to drive more with your head than with your eyes." Which seems to endorse the principle of practising on a games console...