McNish targets third Le Mans success

David Hobbs

Allan McNish has set his sights on a third 24 Hours victory but anticipates a tough battle from old and new rivals. The Scot was confident that after winning the Sebring 12 Hours earlier this year, Audi's new T15 TDI would be more than a match in the famous race at Le Mans.

"Although the R15 TDI has only contested one race, we've spent the last three months vigorously testing it," he told AOL. "We have 10 per cent less power by regulation but we managed to record the same times at Sebring as with the R10, so the R15 is better developed. There was no official test day unusually at Le Mans this year, which means the first time we see what 'true' speed everyone has will be in qualifying on Thursday evening."

"There's no doubt it's going to be tight," McNish continued." There is a very aggressive line up of talent coming to Le Mans including former and current Formula 1 racers.