VW Polo: Mini-Golf

There's nothing particularly surprising about the new Polo. On the contrary, it is merely the next, totally logical addition to the Polo line. A typical VW, in fact. To avoid overshadowing its big brother, this 'mini-Golf' still measures less than four metres. But when the two are seen side by side, it's clear that the Golf VI has its father's genes – it is more rotund and has a generally more staid look than the fresh young Polo. Despite the similarity in size, sharper lines everywhere and a more self-assured, clearly defined front section give the Polo a slightly aggressive edge. It seems that all new cars need to look a little dangerous or no one would ever buy them. The rear end of the Polo is noticeably different to the Golf's and resembles that of its predecessors. The bottom edge of the window runs parallel with the upper edge of the rear lights, which from side on gives the Polo a stronger profile and the C-pillar a more dynamic appearance.

The interior improvements you would expect to find are totally in keeping with contemporary style. Surfaces finished in black as well as the chrome and metal fittings make reference to the Golf and create a pleasing, sophisticated ambience. Though it has to be said that a few decorative surrounds and metal inserts are no indication of a car's true quality; they merely enhance the subjective impression of the quality of workmanship. Overall, the Polo comes across as mature and self-assured. It is not swayed in the least by current fads or trends. The Polo Blue Motion is, however, quite at home in the current thrifty climate, since environmental considerations have proved to be much more than a short-term preoccupation, despite today's more affordable fuel prices.
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