Battle of the Blues

Maya Driver

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It's just two days until the battle of the blues between Chelsea and Everton at the 2009 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Both teams have had good wins in the past - Chelsea four times and Everton five - but which team will lift the cup this Saturday?

The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world - it was founded in 1872 - and it is a competition full of hope for the small clubs who get the opportunity to go up against big Premiership teams since the competing pairs are drawn randomly, although the small clubs rarely get into the further stages of the knockout tournament. In fact, there have only been 8 small clubs in the history of the FA Cup who have gone on to win the competition.

Being the biggest match in British football, the FA Cup Final commands steep prices for tickets. Some fans can pay up to £1600 if they missed the original ticket sales and have to resort to agents. That just goes to show the passion of the fans surrounding this tournament. Will you be heading to Wembley this weekend or watching the match on TV?

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