Leipzig: The Porsche Panamera is under construction

At the Leipzig works, production has started of the new Porsche Panamera which was first presented to the public on April 19 at the Shanghai motor show and which will be coming to market in September. Porsche is building the four-door Gran Turismo together with their successful Cayenne offroader on one production line. To achieve this, the Leipzig plant was extended by 22,000sqm within just two years and the highly-modern production and logistics concept refined even more.

Because of construction, it was not possible to run any conducted tours around the plant during the last 8 months. But visitors can now be present with immediate effect to experience production at first hand and also be there when the first Panamera vehicles run off the production lines in Saxony. These two-hour guided trips are free of charge, but can be combined with a driver and co-driver package, during which the Porsche driving qualities are demonstrated on a race track or off-road with the sporty Cayenne offroader.
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