George Harrison: My Sweet Mini

Andrew Hopkins

George Harrison was not just a member of the Beatles but also enjoyed a successful solo career with hits such as 'My Sweet Lord'. When it came to cars, he had a soft spot for the Mini, and the memory of this pop idol lives on here too. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the badge, Mini have come up with a reinterpretation of the extravagantly decorated George Harrison model. This one-off edition will be presented to George's widow, Olivia, at the 2009 MINI United Festival. She will accept the Mini on behalf of the Material World Charitable Foundation which was founded by George Harrison in 1973. Some time during the next twelve months, the car will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to support the work of the charity.

In 1966, Beatles manager Brian Epstein presented each member of the mop-headed group with a Mini Cooper S. Consistent with the spirit of the era, the band's lead guitarist decorated his model with psychedelic motifs such as yantras and Sanskrit mantras. This compact runabout then appeared in the Beatles' film 'Magical Mystery Tour'. On the occasion of the marque's first half century, Mini are now dedicating a modern interpretation of this vehicle to the late superstar. The car was designed to meet the specification of Olivia Harrison and is true to the style of the iconic original.