Volvo P1800: A Swedish Legend

Mattias Vöcks is an engineer with the Swedish performance tuner Koenigsegg. In his free time, he converts Swedish classics, dressing them up with modern technology and large V8 engines. At the SEMA in Los Angeles, he caused a great stir in 2006 upon appearing with a tuned-up 1967 Amazon.

Now he wants to have a crack at the P1800 and plans to launch this original Volvo as a mini series with just a few minor changes. Of course this car will also be fitted with the most modern technology. The power pack is apparently going to be the 4.4 litre V8 from the Volvo XC 90 which, with a turbocharger, can develop 600bhp. It will be interesting to see whether this Swedish gentleman gets it to market.
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