Strange sighting: Counter Balance

What on earth is that? Many visitors to the recent New York Auto Show were asking themselves this very question when they espied this bizarre yellow concept. Speculation ranged from a Batmobile to an amphibious vehicle. Barkan Designs reply to all the enquiries was that this is the ultimate mid-engined pickup. The positioning of the motor gives the truck optimum weight distribution and also its name: Counter Balance. Where other pickup trucks have their engine, this one accommodates luggage. Unladen, it is said to handle like a standard motor car. The 1.5m pickup bed can be lengthened to an optional 2.5 metres. Unextended, the truck is almost five metres in length, 1.92 metres wide and 2.11 metres high. It provides seating for driver and four passengers and runs on a variety of fuels . Barkan claim the Counter Balance could soon be going into small-scale series production and retailing at an attractive price.
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