Katy Perry: I kissed a Mini

The annual Life Ball takes place in Vienna on 16th May. Its star attraction will be Katy Perry, whose hits including 'I kissed a Girl' and 'Hot N Cold' have stormed the international charts. Vienna's Life Ball is the largest charity event in Europe to raise money for people living with Aids.

For this year's Ball, American designer duo 'The Blonds' have created a Mini, which Katy Perry will parade along the catwalk. According to BMW, the 'Katy-Mobil' is a special edition, designed for life in the spotlight, ultra-glamorous and oozing sex appeal. The open-top Mini comes in a pink leopard-print, with lots of glitzy accessories. This year, instead of an auction, there will be a prize draw for the Life Ball Mini, so for ten euros one lucky person will soon be able to imagine themselves as Katy Perry.
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