Business as usual

Maya Driver

Everywhere you look at the moment, there's a story about swine flu. Panic about an epidemic is spreading much faster than the bug itself. Having originated in Mexico, it has made its way to the UK through some unfortunate honeymooners and has since been confirmed in 3 more cases. In Mexico over 100 deaths have been attributed to swine flu and in the States it has claimed one life but the UK Department of Health has stated that in the UK it is still business as usual and that patients have responded well to anti-viral treatments.

The Budget made the car scrappage scheme official, and now you can trade in your 10-year-old banger for £2,000 against the price of a new car. The scheme is intended to revive the ailing car industry and get old polluting cars off the roads. Do you think the scheme will be effective for either car sellers or the environment?

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Top searches for April 30, 2009:

  1. Swine flu - three more cases of the virus confirmed in the UK

  2. ISA allowance - increased in the Budget

  3. Man U v Arsenal - Manchester United win 2-0

  4. £2k for old cars - scrappage scheme to be introduced

  5. Coleen Nolan - will be starting a solo music career

  6. World Snooker Championship - final to be played on May 4th

  7. Times Rich List - published this week

  8. Linda Evans - winner of Hell's Kitchen

  9. Susan Boyle - Catherine Zeta Jones eyes up lead in her biopic

  10. Sarah Jessica Parker - expecting twins through a surrogate