A poisonous snake rears it head with new fangs

Andrew Hopkins

British sports car manufacturer AC will be having the new version of the Cobra Mk VI manufactured by Gullwing GmbH in the town of Heyda in German's state of Saxony. The new version has arrived in traditional dress, but with most modern technology. It is Britain's two-seater that still fascinates all sports car aficionados, with its overpowered American V8 engine and monstrous roar. There are very few vehicles as fast and brutal as the Cobra, but its price sadly puts the classic machine in the "in your dreams" league for many sports car fans.

So now the original is going to be built again in its sixth generation by Gullwing. The 6.2 litre power pack from the current Corvette lurks in waiting beneath the bonnet and with the choice between 440 or 650bhp, it should no doubt be welcomed by many suppliers of hearing aids. This means continuinginternationalisation of a nostalgia trend for Gullwing. Gullwing America is building a German Mercedes 300 SL and now Gullwing-Deutschland will be building a Brit with a US engine.