A guide to digital photography

Floyd Bruno

Are you buying a digital camera or printer? How do you know which model will suit your needs? Choosing a bad camera will easily cost you a few hundred pounds. In fact, buying a digital camera need not be a difficult task. I'll highlight the key considerations you need to think through before making that purchase decision.

  • Firstly, the megapixel rating of a digital camera determines how much fine detail you can capture in your shots. You won't need more than 2 megapixels. If you want large printouts of your gorgeous photographs, then you'll probably want to get 5 megapixel cameras and above.

  • Secondly, you'll definitely want a camera with decent optical zoom. I'd recommend getting at least 3x optical zoom in any camera you buy.

  • Thirdly, if you are getting a point-and-shoot camera, make sure you find one that's easy to use. User controls to set resolution, macro mode, flash and exposure should be within easy reach.

What's the best way to share or print your photos?
There are many options, from printing and burning onto CDs or DVDs, to emailing and uploading the photos on sites like Flickr. You can share your pictures by having a hardcopy printout. All you need to do is get a good photo printer and some quality printing paper, then print away! Or if you don't have a printer why not submit your images to an online photo print website. Make sure you do some shopping around first - digital photo printing services don't come cheap.

Storing your photos on CD and DVD is a very good option for sharing photos, particularly if you have an immensely huge photo collection. One of the best ways to share digital photos is to upload them to a website. There are many online photo storage sites available. It allows you to upload photo albums and determine who can view those albums.

If you're a total newbie, don't go for the latest digital SLR. Start off with a cheaper camera first. Learn, experiment and build up your digital photography skills. Once you're more skilled, then proceed to upgrade to a better camera. Has digital photography made taking photos easier or more complicated? Leave a comment and let us know.

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