Geely IG Concept: Economical and clean

The Chinese have a reputation for being diligent workers, and that is certainly true of Geely, who were so keen to demonstrate their inventiveness that they presented no fewer than twenty new models at the Motor Show in Shanghai. In the IG Concept, Geely have come up with an economical and clean car that is perfect for the hectic traffic conditions in the bustling megalopolises of the People's Republic.

The Geely IG is an electrically powered three-seater concept car. The vehicle is driven by lithium-ion batteries that are partially charged by solar cells on the roof and bonnet. The Geely IG driver sits on his own behind the wheel, while his two passengers occupy more comfortable individual seats behind. One further gimmick on this electro-runabout is the gullwing door on the driver's side, intended to make it easier for the two rear passengers to get in and out.