Is this really cricket?

Just a few weeks ago, Chinese automotive manufacturers Geely changed their logo. Any similarities with the most successful marque around were of course purely coincidental. Now the Chinese have another surprise up their sleeves in the shape of a further copy for the Shanghai Motor Show from April 20 to April 28. As a modest manufacturer, they do not have premium bodywork to hand, so they just knocked up a Rolls-Royce, called it the GE and will be presenting it at the motor show. This could of course lead to protest from Rolls Royce parent company BMW.

According to Geely, the GE is exactly as long, high and wide as the original Rolls-Royce Phantom. The equipment is also to be similar but with a decisive difference. Behind the driver's compartment there is just a single seat reminiscent of a throne. Intended for the Chinese Emperor, perforce? In Shanghai, a concept will be on show and will not be for sale. So what is to become of all this? The Chinese give an inscrutable smile and refrain from comment.