Nuvis concept: A Hyundai shows its wings

Pete Mait

While the American car industry is in a flap, the South Koreans are presenting something that is flapping in a different way in order to fly over American competitors. The wild wings are owned by a bird named Hyundai Nuvis.

At the New York Auto Show, visitors were truly amazed when the Nuvis opened its doors. The dream pilots from the California Design Center had certainly come up with a few ideas. "It was our objective to create a living machine that is always on the move and that would be at one with driver and passengers", explained Studio design head John Krsteski. Not a single line on the concept car stands still. So is it really flapping? The outstanding style element are the large wing doors of this Korean four-seater. Its feathered cloak - or rather bodyshell - is to look like brushed aluminium to underscore the premium aspirations of the Nuvis. The central console is treated with blue acrylic paint and further blue elements are found inside in the shape of a lighting strip on the floor. This blue design concept is to suggest associations with flowing water. The vehicle is powered either in pure electric mode, by by the petrol engine alone, or by both working in concert. Hyundai wants to present this drive concept in America with the next Sonata generation.