Personal insurance - is it worth it?

Maya Driver

Insurance can be a boring thing. Hundreds of companies bombard you every day with adverts to buy insurance for just about every aspect of your life. And, of course, the insurers are adamant that it is essential because they are after your premiums. It's easy to become sceptical about what they're offering. But unless you can be sure that your life is entirely risk-free - that you'll never crash your car, become ill, have your flight cancelled or even drop your phone in the toilet - then it might just be worth buying into insurance. Get ahead on your research by checking out our top insurance related searches.

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Before you go ahead, ask yourself a few questions such as: is having peace of mind about certain things necessary to you? Is it worth the price you're being quoted? And how much would an accident cost you if you weren't covered? Some people may feel that they can simply save money and pay for incidents as and when they arise. However, if you need medical care and don't want to wait around for NHS treatment, going private can be very costly. But on the other hand, for things such as mobile phone insurance - are the premiums and the excess worth the original cost of the phone? It's a really good idea to weigh up all the pros and cons before you purchase insurance.

In some cases, there is no question about buying insurance such as with cars. Without car insurance you can not drive. The good news is that you can shop around with lots of different providers and find a good deal (of course it helps if you have several years of no-claims). Some people are lucky enough to be offered various policies through company insurance schemes and these can range from medical and dental to unemployment protection and life insurance. If you are offered these through work, take advantage of them! Remember that in most cases, it's better to be cautious about the future.

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