Gadgets galore

Maya Driver

As more and more gadgets and gizmos flood the UK market, we Brits are becoming increasingly techno-savvy. Proof of this can be seen in the popularity of Channel 5's The Gadget Show, which exhibits live every year from Birmingham's NEC. Another sign of the rise of gadgets can be seen in the number of web searches made for them and these are some of the most popular gadget searches.

Laptops - the smaller the better. Currently you can buy teeny tiny little netbooks such as the Asus Eee PC or the Sony Vaio P-series. These little laptops have 10" screens and can fit in a handbag or briefcase easily and yet they still have up to 2GB of RAM and loads of storage. They also come at a mini (ish) price of about £300.

iPhones and mobile phone applications are all the rage right now especially as you can download free apps from the web. Games, maps, dictionaries, currency converters - these are just a few of the apps you can install on your phone. And it's not just phone apps that you've been downloading for free. Judging by the number of computer software searches, it seems there's a lot of discounts being found. Another popular way of saving money with gadgets is to buy your own photo printer instead of taking your digital camera's memory card to a photoshop.

One popular search that will probably be of great interest to many people is converting VHS to DVDs. With the advent of Blu-Ray, these days VHS are almost obsolete - so what do you do with your old collection? Don't worry it is possible to convert to a new format. It just requires a bit of patience and the correct cables for your VHS player and TV.

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  2. Mobile phone apps

  3. iPhone

  4. Flat screen TV

  5. Digital camera printers

  6. Memory sticks

  7. VHS to DVD converting

  8. Digital camera batteries

  9. Blu Ray disc players

  10. HD video camcorder