Make the most of the bank holiday

Maya Driver

Now that Easter is over, there's still loads of school holiday left and without any activities planned, you'll either end up with kids under your feet, turning your house upside-down, or zombies that once were kids turned square-eyed from too much TV and video games. Here are a few holiday hints taken from the most popular searches on the web for school holiday activites.

Taking the kids away on holiday will keep them entertained but you'll want to go somewhere that you can enjoy too, which is why a short stay in France is ideal. It's easy to get to the continent these days with lots of cheap flights, eurostar or ferries to choose from. Once there you can find many deals for campsites (with chalets, not just tents!), so you can enjoy the warm weather and beautiful countryside or beaches and the kids have all sorts of entertainments and activities nearby. Alternatively, a holiday in the UK can be just as much fun and relaxing as abroad without the hassle of passports and currency exchange.

For those of you who are staying at home over the holidays, you can still find ways to keep the kids busy such as trips to the local swimming pool - especially if you can find one with waterslides. Leisure centres are great places to find new activities such as climbing or - children will enjoy the challenge and they'll be tired out an quiet by the end of the day! There are a lot of amusement parks in the UK that are continuously developing new rides and often have discounts on tickets in conjunction with rail tickets. A picnic can be a fun and inexpensive family outing - you could get the kids to help make a tasty spread and then visit a nearby park, forest or even your back garden. Or perhaps visiting a gallery or museum would be a good way for both the kids and you to get some culture as well as entertainment.

Have you some great holiday activity ideas? Leave a comment and share the wealth!

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