Four decades of the legendary Ford Capri

Andrew Hopkins

Ford's cult coupé, the Capri, is celebrating its fortieth birthday. Three Capri generations and a string of racetrack successes made this car into a legend of the Swinging Sixties. With its innovative design, it founded a new class of vehicle and became a top-seller between 1969 and 1986. Precisely 1,900,678 of these mythical creations were to roll off the assembly lines.

Here is an extract from a press release at the time: "The shape, dimensions and performance of this car combine to forge a new concept in sportiness. Because the Capri is neither a compromise between a sports car and a family saloon, nor is it a modified limousine. Put simply, it is a medium-sized fastback coupé boasting an exceptionally appealing and sporty profile. At the same time, by sports car standards, it is superbly roomy, offering space for four adults and their luggage. Yet it also has many of the features that you would expect to find in an out-and-out sports model." Fans of this cultmobile will sigh with nostalgia as they click through our photo gallery.