Concept: Comeback for Lagonda?

Andrew Hopkins

From 1899 until 1964, Lagonda traded as an independent marque before being swallowed up by Aston Martin. The rumour that the parent company intended to revive the Lagonda legend was not taken very seriously. But at the Geneva Motor Show, the speculation was vindicated as the new Aston Martin Lagonda concept was unveiled by company boss Ulrich Bez in person. The vehicle is a bulky colossus equipped with gleaming LED headlights. It's not the first time that a Lagonda has attracted bemused attention. The last Aston Martin Lagonda was rolled out into the spotlight in 1976. Likewise elongated and angular in shape, it raised a few eyebrows amongst the sports car fraternity.

First impressions of the new Lagonda are also mixed. Despite numerous sophisticated design touches, it still comes across as lumbering and shapeless. Somehow, we might have hoped for an elegant sports car like the Vantage or DBS. Instead, they've given us a tank. The decision of the British manufacturer to attempt a crossover between a limousine and an SUV in such difficult times is bold indeed. The technical platform for this upmarket SUV is the Mercedes GL. The huge grille is enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone looking in their rear mirror. Curious? Then take a look at the gallery.