Ideal Home exteriors

Maya Driver

Last week we took a look at the top searches in interior home improvements and this week we'll show you the most popular searches in improving your home's kerb appeal.

Top searches in home exteriors:

  1. Gardens

  2. DIY conservatories

  3. Lawn care

  4. Garden furniture

  5. Exterior sliding doors

  6. Roofing contractor

  7. Patio

  8. Siding contractors

  9. Lawn fertilizer

  10. Garden spotlights

The garden gives the first impression of the exterior of your home and many green-fingered people enjoy planting and growing their own plants. A bit of gardening can yield beautiful flowers or tasty fruit and vegetables. If you prefer to have a lawn, keep it looking immaculate by mowing and clearing leaves away, and patios or decking can finish your pristine garden. Conservatories are also a great way to utilise your outdoor space and keep exotic plants in. More practical extensions to your outdoor space are garden sheds and garages - great places to store your tools and appliances out of sight.

The exterior walls of your house may need painting or cleaning and pebbledashing often needs maintenance, although these big jobs may require a professional. You can search online for exterior proerty maintenance companies in your area. Smaller jobs you can undertake yourself are painting the moldings and trims and growing or pruning climbing plants. Doing these things can make a huge difference to the appearance of your house. Next turn your attention to the windows - exclude drafts and noise by installing and updating double and secondary glazing. To maximise the light in your home you could have roof skylights installed. While you're working on the roof, remember to check for cracked tiles or broken gutters and also check the gutters aren't blocked with dead leaves.

Once you've got your home's exterior looking pristine, let the world see how good it looks by installing some exterior lighting. Choose some stylish lighting fixtures to compliment your house and garden and your neighbours will soon be as green as your lawn!