A new start without the pseudonym

The Japanese manufacturer Isuzu is little known in Europe, though it has 100 years of history behind it. During the 1990s, its models were sold in mainland Europe under the Opel badge. The Opel off-roaders, Frontera and Monterey, and the Campo pick-up truck were originally none other than the Isuzu Trooper, Rodeo and TF. After the Japanese parted company with General Motors, they launched a new offensive two years ago with their D-Max production series of pick-ups and their N-series trucks.

Last year they failed to sell more than 1,500 units in total. Now at last, as a niche supplier of utility vehicles at comparatively competitive prices and a range of industrial solutions, they are looking to boost these figures. With a comprehensive network of dealers, Isuzu is making a fresh attempt to hold their own with their pricing policy against the European manufacturers who have hitherto dominated the local market.
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