Proposal for the next retro project

Andrew Hopkins

The German public came up with an apt nickname for the BMW Isetta - 'Knutschkugel' ('snog ball') on account of its spherical shape and the sheer intimacy between driver and solitary passenger. BMW manufactured this scooter-sized package between1955 and 1992. The retro wave within the automotive sector has reached fever pitch over the last few years. Now the Isetta could be set for reincarnation as the 'retro-hybrid bubble car'.

For the past few months, BMW have been at the planning stage of 'Project i', about which precious little is known except that the buying public are to be offered the choice between a fully electric powertrain and a high-efficiency petrol engine. According to rumour, it is planned to be a "very small" car. A revamped Isetta would do nicely...