Vehicle with Vuitton cases

Pete Mait

Now Nissan are nailing their colours to the eco mast with the latest concept bearing their prestigious Infiniti badge. The Essence is a luxury coupé powered by a hybrid drive and is intended to show the way ahead for all future Nissan models. The characteristic radiator grille with prominent Infiniti logo immediately catches the eye. Further external features are the mighty aluminium wheels, the curvaceous contours and side windows that practically meet the roofline. The windscreen blends almost seamlessly into a glass roof that slopes gently down towards the boot. Instead of door handles, the Essence has push-buttons recessed into the bodywork and mini cameras to replace the external mirrors on the A-pillars.

At the heart of the concept is, of course, the hybrid powertrain. This is a combined petrol engine and electric motor generating a total output of 600bhp. The Essence additionally incorporates new safety systems devised by the manufacturer. As the boot has been designed to be particularly luggage-friendly, Infiniti are supplying a special free gift with each car: a customised set of cases from French luxury label Louis Vuitton.