Mother's Day

Maya Driver

In case you'd forgotten, this Sunday is Mother's Day - aren't you lucky that Hot Searches is here to remind you! We can even give you some ideas about the most popular presents people are searching for and what the day is all about.

Probably the most popular Mother's Day gift is flowers. Traditionally, Mother's Day flowers are pink or white carnations, but any brightly coloured pretty bouquet is fine and some favourites are tulips, roses, germini, lilies, chrysanthemums and orchids. A bouquet delivered to the door would make a lovely surprise for your mum.

Searches for Mother's Day cards are hugely popular at the moment. If your mum is a bit of a hotshot with the computer, maybe she would appreciate a Mother's Day ecard. You can also find websites that allow you to create personalised cards. If you search for Mother's Day poems, you could find a nice verse to write in your card or get some ideas for writing your own. Of course a handmade card can be extra special and if you buy some bits and pieces from craft shops you could make your card look really pretty. It's a great project for kids to get involved in, and their mums will love receiving the cards their children make.

Mother's Day presents can be a bit more tricky to choose because it really depends on what your mum likes! But here are some top searches for Mother's Day gift ideas. Chocolates are always a good choice, maybe some luxury Belgian chocolates gift wrapped in a beautiful package. Some top quality chocolatiers are Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons. Pampering treats such as spa days, mother's day massages and mother's day beauty treatments are an excellent gift for an overworked mum. If your mum likes gardening then buy her some tools, seeds or a book of gardening tips. Contemporary jewellery makes a good gift, but make sure you know if your mum prefers silver or gold. Photo albums can also make lovely gifts for your mum - find a pretty one and fill it with photos of your family.

Mother's Day is supposed to be a time when you show your appreciation for your mother. One way to do this is to treat her to a meal. A fancy restaurant is a great place to have a Mother's Day meal and you could wash your food down with a glass of Mumm champagne! Instead of dinner, a spot of afternoon tea is a very civilised way to spend Mother's Day. There are lots of tea rooms around the country that sell fine teas from all over the world and delicious cakes too. And of course, breakfast in bed is surely the best treat of all to wake up to! So make sure you have a serving tray and brush up on your breakfast recipes.

The history of Mother's Day in Britain began with Mothering Sunday, which was the fourth Sunday of Lent (the Christian period of fasting leading up to Easter), and on this day Christians would go to mass at their 'mother church', the biggest church in their area. In these modern secular times, Mother's Day is now more of a celebration of motherhood, although it falls on the same day as the Christian holiday. Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world on different days according to different traditions but the idea behind it is pretty much universal: it's a reminder to not take your mum for granted, treat her with respect and spoil her too!

Oh and so you're extra prepared, don't forget that Father's Day will be on June 21st this year, so you have plenty of time to sort out a present!

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