Skoda Yeti: a robust Czech

Andrew Hopkins

Skoda are using the international stage of the Geneva Motor Show to premier their vision of the future: the Yeti is Skoda's interpretation of a compact SUV. This model bears some characteristic features that we have already seen on the Roomster concept. Design accents are the wide wrap-around windscreen and concealed A-pillars. The roof panel also reflects the new direction that design at Skoda is taking and which the Roomster has already hinted at.

The styling is entirely devoid of any aggressive traits and the Yeti has a positive and friendly appearance, in stark contrast to most SUV and off-roaders on the market. But this concept vehicle will not only shine off the beaten track: with its compact dimensions and generous interior, it is also eminently suitable for urban use. The Yeti is well equipped for transport duties as befits a vehicle of its class; once the back seats are removed, the boot offers up to 1,760 litres of luggage space.