Red Nose Day

Get your red noses on because today is Comic Relief's Red Nose Day! Are you planning a fundraiser for today? All around the country in schools, offices and homes, people are dressing up in funny costumes, having sponsored silences, eating yummy red nose day cakes, holding quizzes, performing silly dances and waxing parts of their bodies - all in the name of charity.

Comic Relief holds Red Nose Day every year to raise money for people living in poverty in the Uk and Africa. Apart from all the fundraising events that occur around the country, Comic Relief also sell their famous red noses which you can buy in Sainsbury's and Oxfam and this year come in three different funny styles. There are also Red Nose Day T-shirts available from TK Maxx. So if you don't take part in a fundraiser, then at least go and pick your nose!

In the past there are have been a number of different noses such as the tomato nose, the growing nose, the hands nose and the shaggy nose. This year there are three: 'this one' has a big cheesy grin, 'that one' wears glasses and 'the other one' looks a little surprised! You can also buy deeley boppers, charms, pin badges, car noses, whoopee cushions and the Giggler.

There are a series of Comic Relief programmes being broadcast on BBC One. They involve a great lineup of comedy including Comic Relief does The Apprentice, which aired last night, Let's Dance for Comic Relief, which is on Saturday and tonight is the extravaganza, Comic Relief: Funny for Money as well as Comic Relief does Top of the Pops on BBC Two. For this special show, Oasis have donated a goody bag of signed merchandise and their new single, which can be bid for online at the Red Nose Auction Room. Loads of celebrities will be taking part in Funny for Money and making fools of themselves in order to raise money for the charity. Already, a group of celebrities climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro, taking seven days to reach the summit, and experiencing a few mishaps along the way.

For those who enjoy fundraising, Comic Relief issue fundraiser packs that give you sponsorship forms, posters to advertise your event and fundraising ideas. If you didn't plan an event you can still find someone who has and sponsor them, or you can donate to Comic Relief online or by telephone.

An awful lot of money is raised by Comic Relief, both on Red Nose Day and also throughout the year. The money is used in the UK to help people affected by poverty and hardship, young and old, those with mental health problems, refugees and victims of violence. It also goes to Africa to help women and girls, people affected by HIV and people living in slums.

Now you know what a worthwhile cause it is, and also how much fun it's going to be, I hope you decide to participate in some kind of Comic Relief event today. Leave a comment and tell us about your fundraising activities.

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