Mitsubishi launch e-mini

We have heard a lot of talk from manufacturers about the powerplant of the future being the electric motor, but some of them have actually made a move. At the Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi presented their e-car, currently referred to as the 'i-MiEV'. In line with Mitsubishi's new brand strategy of increasing the proportion of 'green' vehicles within overall production, the i-MiEV should reach European showrooms in 2010. The spherical shape of this model looks familiar – but it's what goes on inside that matters. Here, Mitsubishi and Peugeot are working on a joint strategy for the European version. The car is being introduced into its Japanese home market this year. The four-seater is claimed to reach speeds of up to 130kph and have a range of 160 kilometres on a full battery. It takes seven hours to boost the battery from a domestic socket but should take only 25 minutes at a quick-charge station.