A Ferrari from the Stone Age?

"Sticking to the road like glue" is hardly a new adage for a Ferrari Testarossa, but "sticking to the road like a rock" certainly sounds like a fresh approach! Nevertheless, a Testarossa carved in stone can now actually be found in someone's garden. You have to do a double take; is it a Stone Age excavation? No, it really is a sculpture that has been created by two artists with a penchant for eccentric projects. The artists, Daniel Dewar and Gregory Gicquel, have already worked together on such unusual projects as a Nike trainer, a BMX bike, electric guitars, skateboards and motorbike helmets – all of them made from wood.

Their work has been exhibited worldwide and now their Ferrari Testarossa hewn from stone has arrived in the art world. The red racer's distinctive features are immediately recognisable and are worth a look at in the gallery.