Citroen GT: A car that jumped off the screen

Andrew Hopkins

Originally, this car was the unique preserve of car game punters. But then, the guys at Citroën shoved their game controllers to one side to play on with their CAD programs instead. With the "GtbyCitroen" concept car, the marque with the well-known double chevrons is showing a really different sports car. As the name suggests, this vehicle is conceived as their interpretation of a Gran Turismo. A model of the same name is to be found in the "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue" game which enjoys great popularity among joystick jockeys. The game version of the car has electric drive with a fuel cell, but what is concealed beneath the bonnet of the actual concept car has not been revealed yet.

The design follows a new direction with its length of 4.96 metres and 2.08 metres and the exaggeratedly long tail fin is supposed to contribute an optical illusion of higher speed for the car, while the driver himself is provided with the true facts from a head-up display. It is said that a diesel hybrid drive by the name of HYmotion4 will be used, providing a fuel consumption of almost 63mpg.