Jacko's back

Maya Driver

It's Monday and the internet has been buzzing with activity over the weekend. In case you didn't have the time to catch all the most popular stories, here's our breakdown of the hot searches for today.

Last week on Thursday, the superstar legend Michael Jackson made an announcement from London's O2 Arena. He stated his plans to perform a comeback tour at the O2 dome beginning on the 9th July. Hundreds of fans waited for over an hour to catch a glimpse of their hero, but his appearance lasted all of 4 minutes in which he looked frail and a shadow of his former self. This tour will be his first in 12 years and he plans to perform at least 10 shows, although William Hill is already taking bets on whether MJ will show up for his first gig.

On Friday the Euromillions jackpot was a mind-boggling £90million! That definitely got the country searching for tickets and results after the draw. You have to match 5 numbers as well as 2 lucky stars and out of the whole of Europe, just 2 people managed to do that, unfortunately neither of them were in the UK. However, 22 lucky people in the UK did win £198,425.40, which is not to be sniffed at!

The new Star Trek movie is to be released on the 8th May this year and you can view the trailer online now. The film is set in a time before the original series and features James T. Kirk and Spock as young cadets fresh out of Starfleet Academy. Simon Pegg, of Shaun of the Dead fame, will be appearing as Scotty. Why not prepare for the new film by watching the old ones again, or the original series in all its camp 60s glory?

Richard and Judy made the shocking announcement that they are going to split - on screen. Having left Channel 4, the couple have decided to end their 20-year on screen partnership. Richard will continue a solo career while Judy will stay home to write. However, they have suggested that they will make appearances in shows connected with their book club since Richard and Judy's Book Club is such a phenomenally successful enterprise which has got Britain reading.

Singer Chris Brown was charged with assault after his attack on girlfriend and Rihanna, singer of 'Umbrella' and 'Disturbia', which left her face bruised and swollen. The charges were filed a week after the couple were reported to be back together again, there were even rumours of their marriage! Should Brown be convicted he could face up to 4 years in prison. However, it is not certain whether Rihanna will testify against him.

Following the huge success of the micro-blogging web application Twitter, Facebook has announced its plans to become 'real-time' to step up to their rivals. Users will be able to leave brief news clippets about themselves and update their status as they are currently able to but instead of receiving these updates from friends every 10 or 15 minutes, it will now be continuous. The Facebook homepage will be redesigned and launched on March 11th.

Have you seen the world's ugliest cat? He is completely bald except for his furry chest and has been named Ugly Bat Boy. He lives in a veterinary clinic in America where his infamous ugliness attracts regular visitors who reportedly find the poor kitty scary and mesmerising!

Got anything to say about today's hot searches? Maybe you're a Michael Jackson fan and you plan to see his concert or maybe you think the ugly cat is really quite cute - write a comment and let us know.

Top searches for March 9th, 2009:

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  5. Red Nose Day climb - celebs climing Kilimanjaro for charity

  6. Richard and Judy split - the on-screen couple's relationship is over

  7. Michael Jackson tour - Jacko makes a comeback

  8. Chris Brown charged - for assaulting Rihanna

  9. Facebook real-time - stepping up to competitors

  10. Ugly cats - the ugliest cat in the world