Gumpert Apollo Speed: A road racer

Andrew Hopkins

So are there any selling points that can be made for this rocket? Well, let's start with speed. The performance is at F1 level and with 700 horses to hand, this monstrosity takes 3 seconds to burst from 0 to 60. In just under 9 seconds you will be cruising comfortably at 125mph. The power pack is a modified bi-turbo Audi V8 that selectively pumps out 650, 700 or 800bhp. The choice of an Audi engine was in the hands of company founder Roland Gumpert, who once managed Audi-Sport. The price is not yet known, but with the basic model already costing over 300,000 euros, you can certainly count on having to shell out over a wee bit more for the Speed version.