PS3: SuperCar Challenge

Pete Mait

Fans of racing games and dreams on four wheels have really got something to look forward to. Developers from Eutechnyx, who came up with the Ferrari Challenge, are already working on a new race game for PlayStation 3. In cooperation with System 3, the new edition named SuperCar Challenge is to be available early in 2009. This game is to include a selection of 40 various cars from different marques and variously includes the Ferrari FXX, the Aston Martin DB9, McLaren F1 and Lamborghini Murcielago RGT. Three gaming modes and a rethought championship mode updated from the Ferrari Challenge are also to be included. Improved handling and tuning options are also expected and there is an "Arcade" mode for those who just want to burn rubber. The AI was also given a brain cell boost.