Mercedes E Class Coupe

After the successful launch of the new E Class, it all went rather quiet at Mercedes. To counteract this impression of torpor, the prestige marque is set to unveil the coupé scion of the E Class family in Geneva. And this time it is not called the CLK, but simply the E Coupe which makes its origins all the more apparent. It fits and it also gets rid of the unnecessary alphabet spaghetti.

The handsome new Coupe is in direct competition with the 3-series Coupe and the Audi A5. Its dated predecessor could not hope to match their success, but going purely on looks, the new one can give them a run for their money. Distinctive design features have been borrowed from the new E Class such as the familiar rear wheel arches, the chiselled four-eyed face and the LED daytime running lights, all of which immediately bring the saloon to mind. The arched roof line creates an elegant, stretched side view. Very harmonious and above all, timeless.

The angular interior has been somewhat softened up for the Coupe and, free from any experimentation, fits seamlessly into its overall image.

The anticipated starting price for this pleasure is just under €45,000. But to bring your blood pressure down once you have heard the price, Mercedes are promising economical four-cylinder engines (consuming 0.5 litres less fuel per 100km than its predecessor) and sophisticated aerodynamics.

If you look at the profile, you can see that a shooting brake in the style of the already familiar E Class concept is entirely possible.

Hopefully, Mercedes will have the courage to develop the E Class Coupe concept to it logical conclusion.
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