Fiat 500 Cabrio: All ready for summer...

Female car fans will be enchanted. Soon, the cabriolet version of the Fiat 500 will be running round the inner city areas of Europe and be parked at chic urban locations. The 500 cabriolet, bearing the official Fiat title of 500C, will be taking its graceful world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Its styling is in fact a clear reference to a predecessor which caused a furore as an open-top version back in 1957. However, this 2009 version will be much more chic than the model in the wild Fifties, since it has more of targa roof than a normal cabriolet.

As there will probably be hardly anyone interested in the technology of this vehicle, let's just confine ourselves to the most important detail of the cabriolet, which is the electric folding roof. It will be available in three stylish colours: ivory, red and black, in line with its fashionable image.