Valentine's Day

Maya Driver

As the most romantic day of the year draws close, make sure you're ready for romance by checking out the top Valentine's searches. Lucky enough to have someone to spend Valentine's Day with? Take him or her out on the perfect date so they know how special they are. Check out the top searched romantic restaurants or cook a cosy dinner at home - don't forget to buy champagne to toast your valentine!

Haven't found a date yet? There's hundreds of online dating websites you can search to find your soul mate. Or if you prefer to get out and meet people, why not try a speed-dating event? Sign up with AOL Dating and search through hundreds of profiles to meet your perfect partner.

Choosing a Valentine's card can be tough when there are so many available. Buy one from a website which offers personalised card services or surprise your sweetheart by making your own. If your love makes you wax lyrical, why not write a verse or two ... or borrow a romantic poem instead!

You could name a star after your sweetheart for a gift that will rock her world this Valentine's Day. Try searching for chocolates, jewellery, perfume and lingerie. Or perhaps a day's pampering at a spa would be the ideal treat for the one you love.

Men can be swept off their feet by romantic gestures too. Get some ideas for a memorable gift for your man by looking at the hottest searches in jewellery, gadgets, games or even something naughty. Or check out the top searched websites offering fantastic day trips for an exciting Valentine's Day gift.

Everyone appreciates a bouquet of flowers delivered to their door. Find out what different varieties of flowers mean and send a message of love. Not sure which is the best flower to send this Valentine's Day? Search for the most popular varieties such as roses, orchids, tulips and daisies.

A romantic break is a great way to spend Valentine's Day. You could whisk your amour to Paris, the city of love, share a kiss under Venice's Bridge of Sighs or escape to a remote, secluded island paradise. Make sure you book a luxurious hotel if you're likely to spend more time there than sightseeing!

Valentine's Day is a perfect time for popping the question and so searches for engagement rings are very hot right now. There are many different types of rings to choose from using different shapes of diamonds and types of metal. Search for ways to make your proposal as romantic as it can be.

All that love and romance isn't everyone's cup of tea, so if you're single and proud or just sick of all that slushy stuff, check out why anti-Valentine's Day is such a hot search. Look for websites with forums for people who can't stand Cupid and search for anti-Valentine's cards and gifts.

Do you even know why we celebrate this day? February the 14th was officially declared St Valentine's Day around 498AD, but was St Valentine a priest who secretly married lovers during a ban on marriage or was he the first person to ever send a valentine? The origins of the celebration are shrouded in mystery but it has long been known that February is a month of romance.

Were you showered with cards and gifts this Valentine's Day? Or do you think it's all a waste of money? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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