Hummer goes topless

Stories from the Middle East are always fascinating and '1001 Arabian Nights Car Tales' seem to get more and popular. The sheikhs from Abu Dhabi have already provided us with visions of their wildest dreams over recent months. The 'dernier cri' has now been seen standing outside the "Emirates Palace Hotel". A pimped up open-top Hummer H2. O.K. - the original Hummer H1 was also open, but this version is something special.

With its seven seats covered in lurid red leather, the H2 cabrio seems ideally suited for any harem transport. The alloys are also special equipment, but just what the additional row of lights on the bonnet are supposed to achieve remains a mystery at the time of writing. Maybe they are intended to scare camels that occasionally wander on the roads of Abu Dhabi, but it would not have been necessary. Any camel would surely know what a Hummer is supposed to look like and would probably flee in alarm from such an awesome sight, to restore its sanity with copious draughts from the next oasis.
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