General Motors: A Buick for Germany?

Andrew Hopkins

German General Motors subsidiary Opel is working on an alliance with sister brand Buick. It is widely-known that the most important marques in terms of group sales volume are Buick and Opel. Buick is of great importance because of its strong presence in China and the USA and activities between Opel and Buick would be a sensible solution.

For the German Opel marque, cooperation with Buick would in turn be advantageous, taking into account the critical state of the global car industry and the problems being experienced by parent company General Motors. With Buick, Opel - and ultimately GM Europe - would be able to open new growth opportunities. With the current slack period, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Opel to keep its plants running at capacity and every new order would be a step towards keeping the marque from going into a tailspin.

Chinese production of the Buick Regal can be seen in the gallery: