Super Bowl: TV commercials for 2.7 million US dollars per slot

The American football season reached its climax on 1st February with the NFL professional league final. This year, Tampa Bay hosted the Super Bowl as the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers won a thrilling match with a final score of 27:23. There was an additional highlight during the half-time show when Bruce Springsteen serenaded the watching millions. But there are other 'star performers' that turn the Super Bowl into one of the biggest sports events in the world, namely the US TV commercials which gross 2.7 million dollars for a single 30-minute slot. The adverts shown during the Super Bowl are not just expensive – they are spectacular. With no expense spared in their production, these short video sequences can sometimes eclipse the action on the field.

Follow the links here to see some of the ads produced for the motor trade. My favourite is the Bridgestone commercial "Moon Dancer". Which one do you like best?
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