The 'Dancing Queen' taxi

Pete Mait

Visitors arrive in London arrive with romantic notions of taking a ride a) on a red double-decker bus and b) in a black cab. Unfortunately, both have long since been retired for health and safety reasons. Yet some museum specimens still put in the odd appearance and generate a few headlines. In the two video links here, we see a London cab in the private ownership of Steve Birchall.

The computer specialist has spent almost £60,000 on beefing up his taxi. He has improved performance fivefold by replacing the diesel engine with a V8 powerplant. The taxi can now do 0 to 60mph in four seconds. So fast, in fact, that the meter doesn't even have time to start ticking. While other motorists curse and fume in a London traffic jam, Birchall leads them a merry dance. Let's hope the 'Dancing Queen' carries on carousing for many more years to come...