Ferrari Trike: Formula Disaster or music of the future?

There have already been countless attempts to transfer the Ferrari allure from four wheels to two. We've had sport bikes, choppers and all manner of variation in between. But we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw what they've put on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon: a Ferrari with three wheels!

The scarlet racer is based on a 1.3-litre Suzuki Hayabusa but has been fitted out by Trike Japan with an F1-style chassis. So that the link to Ferrari should be apparent at first glance, they sprayed their creation with the characteristic Ferrari race livery and, hey presto, a Ferrari Trike! You can admire this remarkable one-off in the photo gallery below. On some of the pictures, you can see a Japanese person wearing a face mask: presumably he's worried it might be infectious. The specially designed crash helmet is also worth careful inspection.

And if you'd like to see more, there are also two video links below. Incidentally, the idea of this Ferrari on three wheels was conceived shortly after the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, the inspiration being Michael Schumacher's wrecked Formula One car following his 'collision' with David Coulthard.