Lincoln C-Concept - Lincoln is giving it a rethink!

For us in Europe, a Lincoln is of as much interest as a dried-up cheeseburger, being an American relic from the long-gone golden age of legendary limos. Dinosaurs like Lincoln therefore have to take action in order to avoid being made extinct by their troubled parent company Ford in these times of increasing environmental consciousness and global automotive crisis.

At their home game in Detroit, the Americans did indeed provide a first indication that they had observed the wind of change, by presenting the C-Concept. To be in line with Lincoln's proud heritage, the compact American combines the luxury of heavy gangster limos with the more human dimensions of a modern (and above all environmentally-aware) compact car.

The design is innovative throughout, yet somehow still reflects Lincoln (as long as you know what a Lincoln reflects). The basic proportions with a lower shoulder line and large, high areas of glass promise a lot of light and room inside. This may not be in line with current fashion but indeed that's no problem.